Some book length publications with significant input from Khoyatan Marine Laboratory are noted below:
AUSTIN, W.C. 1970. A preliminary list of marine invertebrates of the Barkley Sound region. Bamfield Marine Centre Report No. 3: 124p.
AUSTIN, W.C. & M.M. DEUTSCH. 1978. Marine biota of the N.E. Pacific. A bibliography emphasizing systematics and distribution. Khoyatan Marine Laboratory 350p. [out of print]
AUSTIN, W.C. 1985. An annotated checklist of marine invertebrates in the cold temperate northeast Pacific. Khoyatan Marine Laboratory. 686p.
[$50 Can. for 3 volume set including postage]
KATHMAN, R.D., W.C. AUSTIN, J.C. SALTMAN, & J. FULTON. 1986. An identification manual to the Mysidacea and Euphausiacea of the northeast Pacific. Special Publication of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 93:411pp.
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